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adj. quaint; playful; inspired

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Attitude is everything.

It’s not the work we do, it’s the spirit in which we do it that shapes our success.

This is the heart of WIMZKL, (pronounced “whimsical”) a specialized technology + digital media consultancy dedicated to solving your challenges while protecting you, your reputation + the bottom line.

Deep experience in Digital Media, Information Security, Infrastructure Architecture + UX informs the technical fluency WIMZKL brings to your projects, amplified by a unique ability to connect + work with you to bend technology to the will of the mission in a friendly, repeatable, scalable + secure way.

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Case Study – Cyber Resilience in Chicago

Case Study – Cyber Resilience in Chicago

WIMZKL was called upon to design a Cyber Resilience Strategy for a cutting edge creative agency in Chicago’s West Loop renowned for winning prestigious industry awards for their high-profile ad campaigns.

AR, MR + VR: Designing the New Reality Experience

AR, MR + VR: Designing the New Reality Experience

13 Feb , 2018   AR,Design,MR,UX,VR

Seven days after the release of more than 65 million people were playing it. SIXY-FIVE MILLION PEOPLE.
That’s a big statement about how humans are interacting with machines. Not as in the future but as in RIGHT NOW.

10 Second Film Festival

10 Second Film Festival

2 Feb , 2018   wimzkl

Have you ever tried making a 10-second film on your phone or tablet?
I made this silly 14-second documentary + the crowd went wild.

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