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Technology to protect, inform + delight.

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WIMZKL builds Resilience in 3 Steps:
Diagnose, Establish and Sustain.

Whether you’re just getting started or are at any point on the continuum, WIMZKL can meet you there + make sure you know how to respond quickly + confidently whenever Cyber Incidents will impact your business reputation + bottom line.

Get in touch. Let’s build your Resilience Playbook.

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WIMZKL (pronounced “whimsical”) is a strategic technology consultancy.

Informed by broad technical fluency in Digital Media + Strategy, Information Security, Infrastructure Architecture, IIoT, UX Design + amplified by creative, people-focused gifts, our team bends digital tools to the will of your mission in creative, user-friendly, repeatable, scalable + resilient ways.

The best part? WIMZKL is powered by a firm belief that attitude is everything. It’s not just the work we do; it’s the spirit in which we do it that shapes our success—and yours.

Try us out on a project of any size, scope or level of complexity.

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WIMZKL uses modern tools + methods to tell stories; your own, timeless, compelling, exciting, touching, or cautionary + enlightening ones, or whimsical training videos that would otherwise be quite wooden.

We like to make funny ones, too, especially ones that educate or empower audiences + leave them feeling motivated + inspired.

We turn these around very quickly when needed for product launches, events, branding efforts + more.

Get in touch. Let’s tell them your story.

Here’s some samples: https://video.wimzkl.com

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User-centered design drives everything WIMZKL does, whether building for the mobile Web, digital media, commerce solutions, native apps, infrastructure, cyber resilience strategies or awareness training + especially the presentation we’re delivering at that conference next month.

If the solution isn’t friendly + delightful to the audience, it’s not the right one.

What can we help you build for them?

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People + Ideas + Technology

10/65 Film Festival

10/65 Film Festival

Celebrate Earth Day with us this year! WIMZKL is a proud sponsor of Evanston’s District 65 Green Teams 10 Second Film Festival supporting sustainability awareness + education in our schools + community to help foster the next generation of environmental stewards.

Case Study – Cyber Resilience in Chicago

Case Study – Cyber Resilience in Chicago

An award-winning, boutique creative shop in downtown Chicago recently acquired a partner digital agency, adding more complexity to their operation. Here’s how WIMZKL listened, designed + delivered a Resilience Strategy so they can respond quickly + confidently whenever Cyber Incidents impact their business.

Prepare to Meet Fraud

Prepare to Meet Fraud

What you may not understand about Cyber Insurance, even if you already have some, can cost you more than risking not having any at all. There is a shift underway that impacts business + reputation when cyber incidents take place, beyond even GDPR. Please make time to read this.

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