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Initially founded in 2004, WIMZKL (pronounced “whimsical”) set out to solve complex technology challenges in novel, high-impact ways. The focus quickly shifted to resilience strategy in 2011 to meet a long-standing need to make things like information security and risk management friendlier and more usable for more people and their organizations.

The name was chosen because, generally speaking, we (humans) acquire hard-won wisdom best through either tragedy or silliness.

WIMZKL delivers intentionally designed, people-focused, and (it’s lofty but) we daresay whimsical strategies that help protect your productivity, reputation, and bottom line – ahead of tragedies that would otherwise put them at risk.

WIMZKL is based in the U.S., led by Chad Calease, and is attached to a global and trusted network of gifted experts across disciplines. Have a super-obscure challenge? Like those. Even when I don’t know the answer right off, I know precisely who does. Get in touch. I’m happy to demonstrate how I can help you achieve your goal(s).

chad calease resilience strategy wimzklAbout Chad Calease

Chad’s a people-focused designer at heart and a fluent technologist in the head. Teams know him as a resourceful leader, a generalist who understands how many different complex things interact. Specifically, how to minimize or eliminate preventable risk and loss.

Chad specializes in building your operational resilience, preparations for strategic response to a broad range of unplanned events that include cybercrimes, human errors, and even pandemics, that would otherwise compromise your productivity, reputation, and bottom line.

More here: chad.ch/about or here: chad.ch/praise

DISCRETION helps protect everyone’s privacy and security so we don’t reveal affiliations here but it’s fair you’d like to know what’s shaped WIMZKL’s experience and capacities. Get in touch. Relevant adventures and lessons learned can be shared in an appropriate manner.  If we end up being good fit for each other, trust you’ll be treated with the same levels of discretion.

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