Finding the right partner is worth celebrating.

WIMZKL (pronounced “whimsical”) was initially founded to solve complex technology challenges in novel ways, mostly advanced goals, principles, and practices to amplify resilience. Over time, the focus has evolved towards integrating UX and Agile subject matter expertise into information security strategy to make those tools and tactics friendlier and more usable for a diverse audience of clients, disciplines, and industries.

WIMZKL is people-focused first, technology second. Multi-platform fluency makes us vendor-agnostic, so you can rely on our nimble expertise to design a sustainable solution built with intention around your own unique business and technology culture rather than what’s worked before somewhere else.

WIMZKL is led by Chad Calease and is based in the U.S. Thanks to a trusted network of gifted experts across disciplines, our capabilities are global and as broad as they are deep. Have a super-obscure challenge? We like those. Even when we don’t know the answer right off, we know who does. Get in touch. We’re happy to demonstrate how we achieve your goals.

Who does WIMZKL work with?

It’s fair you’d like to know what’s shaped our experience and why you’ll do well to collaborate with us. Discretion helps us protect the privacy and security of our clients so we don’t reveal affiliations here. Please get in touch. We’re happy to answer questions (there are no silly ones) and share discreet but relevant adventures as appropriate.  If we’re a good fit and decide to work together, you can trust we’ll treat you and your organization with the same level of discretion and respect.

About Chad

Chad Calease - People, Ideas + TechnologyChad’s a people-focused designer at heart and highly-fluent technologist by practice who gravitates towards complex challenges that require finesse and a broad skill set to solve.

More of that story here: or on his blog: Here’s what others say about collaborating with him: