Technology is serious business. Which is why it takes a fluid mind + a creative approach to fully thrive in this digital world. Because in the end, the promise + performance of all this new fangled tech is to lift people up + help ideas come to life.

People, ideas, and technology. That’s what it’s all about. And in that order.

chad calease

My name is Chad Calease. My career path has meandered through Digital Media, Information Security, Infrastructure Architecture + Technical Operations for organizations of varying shapes, sizes + complexities, in fields ranging from advertising + marketing to media + education to regulated industries (financial services, healthcare + transportation) — all with a keen focus in Anthropology, Usability + User Experience Design (UX).

I believe the right solution is a friendly one, easy for others to understand + use. Otherwise, it’s not much of a solution.

My technical fluency is amplified by people-focused skills, like making complicated stuff easier to understand, navigating ambiguity, solving problems, driving vision + strategy, leading by example, learning + unlearning on-the-fly, mentoring, listening, assembling great teams + generally bending technology to the will of the mission.

Perhaps most importantly, I’m able to communicate + connect with diverse audiences, cultures + teams that might include regular folks, business leaders, creatives + designers, knowledge workers + the technical elite, in friendly + memorable ways that lead to successful collaborations + outcomes.  It’s all about people, mostly regular folks who just want the machine on their desk to change the world. Preferably by noon.

Have a project in mind? Get in touch below. Require discretion? Here’s my PGP key.