Cybersecurity is dead.
Long live Resilience.

People, ideas, and technology.
That’s what it’s all about.
And in that order.

That sums up our values nicely. We’ve learned from experience it’s not just the work we do but the spirit in which we do it that shapes our success and yours.

Chad Calease - People, Ideas, and TechnologyWIMZKL (pronounced “whimsical”) partners with your organization to build critical Resilience Strategy so you’re prepared to respond to unplanned events, like cyber attacks, with speed and confidence. Powered by people-focused skills, we support your team, process, policy, and technology requirements to quickly minimize preventable risks that will compromise your organization’s productivity, reputation, and bottom line.

Our approach is agile, friendly, repeatable, and scalable. We work fast, light, and assemble our teams project-by-project based precisely on what we (you) need. If we don’t know the answer, we know someone who does. Our core team is based in the US but our network of experts spans the globe (and the Internet), which means our capabilities are as broad as they are deep.

Perhaps most importantly, we communicate and connect with diverse audiences, cultures, and teams with broad backgrounds and skillsets that might include business leaders, creatives, designers, engineers, knowledge workers, the technical elite, and everyday people in friendly, memorable ways that lead to successful collaborations and outcomes.

About Chad

chad caleaseThanks for making time to read here. My name is Chad Calease and I founded WIMZKL to bend complicated things into friendly solutions that protect, inform, and delight people.  You can learn more about my background by visiting or my personal blog over at

Who do we work with?

It’s fair you’d like to know who we’ve worked with, what has shaped our experience, and why you’ll do well to partner with us. However, because discretion is a valuable tool that helps us protect the privacy and security of our clients, we don’t reveal those affiliations here. Instead, we encourage you to get in touch so we can share answers to these and other questions you likely have. There are no silly ones and, while we’re at it, we’ll tastefully and discreetly share some of our adventures, as appropriate.  Should we be a good fit and engage in a project together, you can trust we will treat you and your organization with the same levels of courtesy, respect, and discretion, too.