Are Cars Collecting Personal Info?

Here’s the thing: we should always sync our phones to the cars we’re driving so we can make/receive phonecalls in a safe way. We also like to listen to our own tunes when we rent/lease a car. And from time-to-time, we might sync it to a pal’s car from time-to-time to play DJ, while on a road trip, for example.

There are a dozen legit reasons we might sync our phone to cars via bluetooth and/or plug it in via USB.

But – did you know that doing that starts a chain reaction that happens behind-the-scenes?

Regardless of make/model of car, they ALL download some combination of our contacts, text message database, call history, browsing history, and in some cases even more.

Not only are most of us not aware of this but we certainly don’t think to REMOVE all that info before we return the rental/leased car or sell old trusty to a new owner. Most of us prolly don’t ever remove our personal info from any and all the pals’ cars we’ve ever sync’d to.

Here’s a pro #infosec and #privacy tip: always be sure to delete your device + all personal information from cars whenever appropriate.

Here’s another great tip: my new pal, Andrea Amico (@Privacy4Cars) has created a handy app with step-by-step instructions to help you remove your personal info from every make and model of car:

Thanks for reading – please share this important tip with you friends and family!

Safe sync’ing/driving out there!