Cyber Security is Dead. Build Your Cyber Resilience Playbook.

Do it now. As a leader, your employees, partners and clients count on you to lead the way through when Cyber Attacks impact your business. The Cyber Resilience Playbook makes sure you are ready to lead by knowing how to respond quickly, accurately and confidently.

Cyber Resilience: Insights from an Incident Response Exercise

While a Cyber Resilience Strategy can only truly be tested during and in the hours, days and weeks following a Cyber Attack, simulations can help define its strengths and weaknesses proactively prior to a bona fide attack, saving precious time and potentially money, resources and reputations.

Technology Infrastructure Architecture Design

Technology Infrastructure Architecture Design Dashboards + Visibility Internal Network Architecture Design Example External Network Architecture Design Example (AWS) Cloud Migration + Technology Transformation Process Identity Access Management (AWS) Read complete article on Peerlyst

Your Defense Needs a Good Offense

WIMZKL was recently engaged in a forensic investigation. The biggest lesson? Teams that aren’t balancing their defensive practice with offensive fluency, and frequently testing their own defenses, will be no match for attackers who are iterating, evolving and learning exponentially faster.

Transform Your Weakest Links Into Your Greatest Assets.

IBM’s Threat Intelligence Index verifies that humans are still the weakest links within organizations and play the major role in making cyberattacks successful. How do we help turn this around by transforming them from our weakest links into our greatest assets for protecting our organizations against cyberattacks?

Hackers Hate When You Do This

Hackers hate and avoid organizations with a culture that values and actively promotes Cyber Resilience Awareness. Their employees don’t make mistakes easily like organizations without one.