New Knowledge. Fast.

Awareness Training

is a key component of Resilience Strategy.

Elevate your team’s awareness from time-to-time. Get them hip to changing privacy and data protection laws, emerging threat landscapes, and empower them with knowledge and tools to help them avoid putting themselves and your organization at risk of becoming the next victim of cybercrime.

This is how we do it.

Make it quick.

Talks are tailored to your need. 12-minute chats to 31-minute trainings to 2-hour presentations. We elevate your team – quick.

Make it stick.

If we’re teaching fish how to swim, it helps to put them in the water. We make it relevant, interesting, and memorable so it sticks with them.

Make it fun.
This isn’t your average presentation. It’s light, fresh, edgy, and perhaps even just fun enough to make everyone want more not less.


Schedule a session fit for your needs.