While we continue to forward the concepts of Information Security, of defense, prevention, compliance + governance, we have to admit: Cyber Security is dead.

We’re tired of hearing about yet another breach, another hack, another incident that has left somebody, somewhere trying to figure out how to protect their reputation + bottom line.

From our perspective, the right strategy for businesses (beyond pretending it won’t happen to them) is being prepared to respond when unplanned things happen, like cyber attacks, data breaches, hacks, whatever you prefer to call them.

This means having a real plan, an actionable set of steps that you can share + practice with your team ahead of time. That way, when the real show comes to town, everyone knows their role + when + how to perform it.

WIMZKL offers the Resilience Diagnostic to make sure you are prepared for unplanned events that will impact your business, using a multi-compliance framework (GDPR, HIPAA, ISO, NIST) that makes sure you + your team understand some critically important things: what your greatest risks are to your data, how to define, diagnose + prioritize them + most importantly – how to respond with speed, accuracy + confidence when incidents impact your business so that you can protect your reputation + the bottom line.

This is Resilience, an intentional strategy coupled to awareness training that elevates your entire organization to be prepared for anything.

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Be prepared for anything. Build your Resilience Playbook.