WIMZKL defines Resilience Strategy in 3 Steps: Diagnose, Establish + Sustain. We can meet you at any point on the continuum or design + build from scratch.

Step 1: Diagnose Resilience

Cyber Resilience Diagnostic Playbook - WIMZKL

  • Quickly (40 hours) identifies, defines and prioritizes your risks when cyber incidents impact your business.
  • Elevates your team’s awareness through memorable Resilience Awareness Training.
  • Designs a custom Resilience Playbook for your business. When incidents occur, you have a playbook to protect your reputation + the bottom line.

Step 2: Establish Resilience

  • Implement the Resilience Strategy using what you already have, hardening your existing technology infrastructure to minimize risk to cyber incidents without adding more complexity. Let’s simplify things.
  • WIMZKL works directly with your technology team or provides trusted experts to handle all your requirements regardless of scope or sophistication.

Step 3: Sustain Resilience

This ongoing step ensures that:

  • Your Resilience Playbook is revisited periodically (1-2 x per year) to sustain its relevance, value + adapt as your business grows + threats continue to evolve.
  • Your team stays informed through periodic Resilience Awareness Training.

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