Crisis Practice

Simulations are powerful because they’re low-stakes, fast, and cheap compared to the alternative. They can also be delivered in person, remotely, and/or any combination of those.

WIMZKL’s process doesn’t just offer simulation experiences that help you survive interruptions to your business, the fallout of human errors, cybercrimes, natural disasters, pandemics, and other unplanned events that disrupt your operations. WIMZKL’s process provides resilience strategy so you succeed in spite of them.

Preventable risks to your operational resilience are real. Resilience is a behavioral challenge, which is why practicing strategic response pro-actively is less stressful, less expensive, and more fun than trying to put out real fires for the first time without a plan.

Chad Calease - Awareness Training

Simulate Interruptions to Your Operations

30-minute exercises quickly show your team how well they understand their roles (or don’t) in incident response scenarios and the key success factors

Chad Calease - Awareness Training

Help Your Team Refine Their Knowledge and Preparedness

A brief debrief provides insights and actions the team can put to use immediately to amplify resilience

Chad Calease - Awareness Training

Fast and Regular

Simulations are brief, informative, memorable, and exciting enough to ensure you and your team look forward to them at least a couple times a year

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