Simulations are powerful. They’re low-stakes, fast, and cheap. They’re important because cyber threats are real. Practicing and preparing for them pro-actively is less stressful, effective, and exponentially cheaper than trying to put big live fires out without any experience or a plan.

Our simulations don’t just help you plan for and survive unplanned cyber events that disrupt your operations, they help you and your team succeed in spite of them.

Chad Calease - Awareness Training

Schedule and Simulate Minor and Major Interruptions to Your Operations

30-minute exercises quickly provide insight into how well your team understands their roles in an incident response scenario and the key factors for success.

Chad Calease - Awareness Training

Help Your Team Refine Their Knowledge and Preparedness

A brief debrief provides insights and recommendations the team can put to use immediately to further improve your business continuity strategy.

Chad Calease - Awareness Training

Fun, Fast, and Regular

Presentations are informative, memorable, and some daresay entertaining enough to ensure you and your team look forward to them a couple times a year for latest intel to protect yourselves, your loved ones, and the bottom line.

Use the contact info below to schedule a simulation for your team.