Transform Your Weakest Links Into Your Greatest Assets.

IBM’s Threat Intelligence Index verifies that humans are still the weakest links within organizations and play the major role in making cyberattacks successful. How do we help turn this around by transforming them from our weakest links into our greatest assets for protecting our organizations against cyberattacks?

Hackers Hate When You Do This

Hackers hate and avoid organizations with a culture that values and actively promotes Cyber Resilience Awareness. Their employees don’t make mistakes easily like organizations without one.

First, the bad news. Then, the really good news.

As humans, our default instinct is to ignore things that threaten us until they impact us directly even as we are very weak and vulnerable to them. That’s why hardly anyone has an estate plan or business continuity strategy. The real problem is this: the less we care, the more vulnerable we are.

Being Unprepared Sucks and Will Cost You Big Time.

It’s not a big secret. Every business in the US needs to be much more proactive about cybersecurity. Smaller businesses especially are easy targets because they typically have fewer resources than large enterprises and are more likely to buy into many cybersecurity myths, such as thinking they’re not at risk, have nothing of value and so have nothing to protect. Research shows otherwise.