What’s a ‘botnet’ anyway?

Robot networks or ‘botnets’ have quickly grown in popularity among criminals. Here’s why and what you can do about it.

Fight Malware: Use DNAT Rules

Another #InvisibleOpSec – how to improve efficiency, security, and privacy with little or no cost and minimal effort.

Hard Lessons About Malware

Organizations are all working hard in collaboration to bring Atlanta’s critical systems back online but there is still a tremendous amount of work to be done and some serious lessons to be learned.

Don’t Just Click on the Link!

Beware of links, especially shortened links and especially this time of year Don’t just click on the link! (Especially this time of year). Keep these ideas in mind next time you’re about to click on some random link you got over social media or email.

Ransomware: to pay or not to pay?

By now, after the global spread of WannaCry, we can use ‘ransomewared’ as a transitive verb. I may be trying to make light of something nasty here because it’s nasty stuff that has ruined the day for many thousands of people. I hope I never have to help anyone ever navigate their way out of such an insidious trap ever again. Unlikely, that. So, here is some solid, step-by-step advice to take should the gods forbid you ever find yourself in that most unsavory situation.

What is “malware” and why should we care?

The world is suddenly full of new words, some of which are easy to decipher, while others maybe not so much. 

One of these commonly slung around is “malware.” Malware is software designed to disrupt normal operation of our computers, tablets and other systems by gathering sensitive information stored on them and worse: such as installing other pieces of software and gaining access to private computer systems that offer more valuable information and access, thereby increasing the liability and risk attached to allowing malware to proliferate. It comes in far too many forms to illustrate in great detail, so the word is used generally to refer to the vast diversity and scope of the hostile and intrusive forms it takes, including viruses, worms, spyware, adware and trojan horses.