How much psychological insight into people do you have? The increasing focus on User Experience Design requires a sort of sixth sense into human sensibilities. Those who are gifted with deep empathy + social insight will be successful. Being able to anticipate the needs of our audiences will determine our level of success.

Are you a good communicator orĀ  just think you are? Do you invest in talking to people and listen, really listen to what they want, what they need + arguably most importantly, what they fear?

These are the kinds of skills that will nurture keen anticipatory design methods that deliver the most value to the broadest audiences. Technology should anticipate our audience’s actions + needs. Coupled to improved algorithms, cleaner data + more powerful hidden machinery to process it all, we can bet that anticipatory design is the future.

User-centered design is at the center of everything WIMZKL does, whether we are building products, digital media, websites, native apps, infrastructure, cyber security strategies + training + especially the presentation we’re delivering at that conference next month.

While we must use discretion when discussing most of our client work, we understand you might wanna see some samples from past projects. Here’s a sampling of some of the UX challenges we’ve solvedĀ  that you can take a peek at.

WIMZKL would like to help you anticipate the needs of your audience. Get in touch.